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Beyond logos and websites, we offer a complete suite of services, ensuring that every touchpoint of your brand reflects the essence and values that define your business.

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About Teniqs

Seamless Branding, Limitless Growth

Welcome to Teniqs (Formerly Techwitz), where creativity meets strategy, and innovation intertwines with reliability. Founded with a passion for empowering businesses, we are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that transcend the ordinary.

Under the leadership of our CEO Muhammad Hashir Fazal, we are driving the success of our organization since 2013. 

At Teniqs, we're on a mission to make your business journey as smooth as possible. From creating eye-catching logos to handling the nitty-gritty of company registration and tax matters, we've got you covered. Need a website? No problem – our team specializes in user-friendly and stunning websites. Dealing with hardware or network issues? Leave it to us. We're also your go-to for digital marketing, SEO, and compelling content. Our goal is simple: let us handle the complexities so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business hassle-free.


Under Leadership Of


Muhammad Hashir

Founder & CEO
Muhammad Hashir Fazal is the dynamic CEO & Founder of MIR Association and Teniqs, seamlessly blending telecom engineering prowess with creative branding expertise. As the visionary leader of MIR Association, based in Pakistan, Hashir spearheads a dedicated team providing top-notch engineering design services to prominent US telecom companies. Simultaneously, at Teniqs, his branding agency, Hashir crafts compelling brand identities, from logos to websites, and excels in digital marketing strategies. With over 7 years as a technical trainer in various educational institutions, Hashir imparts his wealth of knowledge. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, he wears the hat of a seasoned host and producer, steering the engaging content of "Discover Beings," his YouTube channel focused on podcasts and business case studies.


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